The Art of Wine Fundraiser
Friday Dec 03, 2021 05:00 PM
Friday, Dec 03, 2021 07:00 PM

Please join us for The Art of Wine, a fundraiser with the Maryland Federation of Art. The event will be held on Fri, Dec 3 at 5 pm at the Maryland Federation of Art's Circle Gallery (18 State Circle, Annapolis).

Tickets will be $20 and JLA attendees will receive 20 financial points.

This event is open to JLA members and the public.

Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery
18 State Circle
Annapolis MD 21401
Jennifer Myers
Barbieri, Cynthia

Blischak, Andrew

Brady, Megan

Burman, Leah

Chamberlain, Natalie

Chamberlain, Ryan

Clements, Monet

Cole, Ann

Fauntleroy, John

FauntLeRoy, Michelle

Flake, Pamela

Friedrich, Craig

Frison, Sheila

Gaither, Kellie

Garrison, Victoria

Garrison, Victoria

Gillis, Jeff

Green, Tori

Guest #1 of 1, [Clements, Monet]

Guest #1 of 1, [Hitchcock, Whitney]

Guest #1 of 1, [McCone, Katie]

Hitchcock, Whitney

Koepp, Susan

Kretchman, Laura

Lanigan, Cara

Lanigan, Cara

Lanigan, Cara

Lanigan, Cara

Loftus, AliceAnne

McCone, Katie

Medina, Heather

Myers, Jennifer

Oliver, Stacie

Ridenhour, Susan

Robinson Wright, Katina

Roldan, Jessica

Shiery, Ellen

Smith, Missi

Snyder, Lisa

St. Clair, Ashley

Staples, Crystal

Staples, Kathryn

Stout, Carol

Thomas, Trisha

Thompson, Jaime

Ward, Lindsay

Woodson , Eleasa

Woodson, Amanda

Woodson, Debra

Zarriello, Stacie
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